MoiHiya. I’m Jason. You likely also know me as “MC”. I’ve spent nearly 10 years blogging about my various shenanigans over at the MotorCop Blog and on my podcast, The Crossover Show.

I launched The MotorCop Mindset in 2016 after trying to maintain my original site and my financial coaching site as well. This is the result of combining the two.

My Content

The content of The MotorCop Mindset is focused primarily on health/wellness and personal development. Topics include physical, financial, and mental well-being.

I’ve long been a fan of personal development and I’ve been blessed to be subjected to a large number of successful entrepreneurs/thought leaders in that space. My content will allow you to benefit from not only my knowledge and experience, but that of my mentors as well!

You will be referred often to my ever-growing Resource Page as I learn more along the way.

My Biography

I’ve been a police officer since graduating the Academy in 1999 (your singing Prince right now, aren’t you?). I worked in a custody setting for nearly five years, in patrol for two years, and as a motor officer for the last ten years.

I’ve earned the moniker “SoulCrusher”. 😉

Professionally, I’m a Collision Reconstructionist with over 600 hours of collision-specific investigation training. I teach Basic Collision Investigation at our local Academy. I’m also working toward becoming a Master Instructor with CA POST (Police Officer Standards and Training).

I’ve also been a financial coach since 2013 after attending Dave Ramsey’s Financial Coaching Master Series. After the Wife and I became debt free in 2011, I wanted to do more, so I created my financial coaching business and started coaching clients one-on-one. Sustaining that model, along with all my other responsibilities, was difficult, but incredibly rewarding. I’ve seen incredible transformations.

I created my Budgeting 101 course to serve a broader audience simultaneously instead of being required to be present (physically or virtually) for that many people. In conjunction with the course, I also wrote Badges and Budgets on the subject of getting control of one’s finances.

My Family

I’ve been married to my wife, Katie, since January 2005. We have four daughters (one our Italian exchange student, Chiara) and two dogs. Both the dogs are girls, too. My home is strong with the estrogen. We live in the San Francisco Bay Area (for the time being…retirement, she doth loom close).

My family

In my free time, I enjoy reading, writing, and hanging out with family and best friend, The Happy Medic, and his clan.

My Contact Info

You can contact me via e-mail or follow me on Twitter or Facebook.