WHY You Need to Define Your Why

Repetitive? Maybe...but still a key to your development

We’ve been asking “why” since we were old enough to speak. Life’s ultimate question always seems to be “Why are we here?”

The interesting thing about that question is we need to answer it for ourselves. In this video’s context, I use Simon Sinek’s idea of WHY and apply it to your financial situation. For the Wife and I, our WHY was the driving force in getting us out of nearly $78,000 in debt. When we started to feel burned out, overwhelmed and overextended, WHY helped us feel rejuvenated, focused, and determined.

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Can Money buy Happiness?

SPOILER ALERT: It Totally Can!

Happiness and Money. There’s a lot of connotations that come to mind when we think about those two together. I recently gave my tenth speech for my Toastmasters club and I decided to talk about how we can reconcile the concepts of Happiness and Money.

In this video, I explain just how to do that.

Happiness and Money

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