Welcome to The MotorCop Mindset!

We. Are. Live.

MM_LOGO_WEBWelcome, welcome, welcome!

I’m very excited to launch The MotorCop Mindset today!

You may be familiar with me through my alter ego, MotorCop (or MC, if you prefer). You may have landed her via my musings on Uniform Stories or perhaps PoliceOne.com

In the coming months, I will be writing posts about a variety of topics, but I will be focusing on officer-wellness/officer-safety both on and off duty. Not to worry, though, my usual snark-filled rants will still feature heavily here as it did on the MCBlog.

I’ll be focusing on financial health, physical health, mental health, and a fair bit of frivolity (as I am wont to do).

First things first. At the top of the page, you’ll see some headings. They’re pretty self-explanatory, but if you’ve never landed here before or are unfamiliar with what the goal of The MotorCop Mindset is, the obvious place is to hit the Start Here tab.

There are also some features launching for the first time:

Budgeting 101

This is my first online course. I’ve spent the last few months creating it and fine-tuning it. This is the first iteration and I will add more content over the coming months. If you’ve ever struggled with your finances, I’m here to tell you I’ve been there.

My wife and I struggled for years with living paycheck to paycheck and under a crushing mountain of debt (to the tune of $77,232.88…which we paid off!). The Budgeting 101 course walks my students through the steps that took the Wife and I out of debt and into a strong, secure approach to personal finance.

You can check out more information soon! The course is nearing completion and I hope to launch it by August 1st!


In 2013, I spent a week in Tennessee at Dave Ramsey’s Financial Coaching Master Series to become an independent Dave Ramsey Financial Coach. Since returning from that training, I’ve started building my financial coaching business. I’ve coached dozens of families all over the country and showed them how to get control of their money once and for all.

Hit the Coaching page for more information.


A year ago, I made a great decision and joined Toastmasters. If you’re not familiar, Toastmasters is a public speaking club. Since joining, I’ve given a number of public speeches and presentations, including as the Keynote Speaker for the 2016 Mississippi STORM Conference where I gave over ten hours of content. Part of my goal is to continue to develop as a speaker.

Check out my Speaking page for more information.


This page might be my favorite. These are the resources I’ve used for personal and professional development. You can’t go wrong by diving in to the books and podcasts listed here. This list will continue to grow as we move forward, but I assure you the resources here are essential.

Get thee to the Resources page!

That about does it for the introductory post!

I haven’t landed on an editorial calendar for frequency yet, but it is my hope to start at one a week and slowly work up from there. I’m also considering a new podcast for The MotorCop Mindset, but it’s entirely theoretical at this point.

If you’re wondering about my alter ego, MC, you needn’t worry. He’s still alive and well and will continue his snarky ways on Facebook and The Crossover Show podcast. The MCBlog, however, will only serve as the home for The Crossover Show. I don’t foresee any more written posts in that venue (with exception of show notes for each week’s show).

I’d love for you to join my email list to keep you up to date on all that is going on here at the Mindset. As an added bonus, I’m offering you the first chapter of my latest book, Badges and Budgets, for FREE! Simply fill in the fields below and you’ll get access immediately!